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Posted on 2010.09.01 at 18:27
My friends page has been severely fucked up for months. WHY?!?!


Posted on 2008.04.26 at 15:38
The semester ended on Thursday, and I just submitted my last essay online. I am officially done! I think I got as in everything. I'll find out in a week from today!

Posted on 2007.11.30 at 08:15
So I registered for all of my classes at Dade, got my loan, paid for them, and THEN I get a letter saying I got accepted to FIU. WTF?! I don't know what to do. I'm probably going to go to Dade for one more semster? I guess I have to talk to someone at FIU and see what my GPA and shit would be if I started next semester.

Ugh, so confusing!

Love (our whatever this emotion is) hurts...

Posted on 2007.01.22 at 16:32
Sometimes when I'm alone, I wonder
Is there a spell that I am under
Keeping me from seeing the real thing?

So does everybody else...

Posted on 2006.12.22 at 09:59
The curves life throws at completely random times always surprises me.


Posted on 2006.09.24 at 22:02


Thank you.